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If you discover yourself this earlymorning in a part of the world where it’s genuinely cold, we feel for you. If you get outside and ski today, state in the Midwest (we’re believing of you Duluth), the snow may be sandpaper sluggish, however the upside, there will be no snow melt. The path conditions will hold upuntil the next banana belt puff of air blows through.

Here at FasterSkier, we scanned the archives to bring you some cold-related resources. This might not be the type of Wednesday Workout you anticipated. If it’s not: be mindful in the sub-arctic cold, however by all suggests, head out and kill the 30 x 30’s or the pre-Birkie 4 x 4 limit efforts.

Kaitlynn Miller (Craftsbury Green Racing Project) on a cold training day in Quebec City on Thursday priorto the 3rd phase of the Ski Tour Canada. (Photo: John Lazenby/

By the method, not so quick Houghton. By contrast, possibly it’s time for beach towels in the UP. Duluth’s cold is real-deal-cold at -22 Fahrenheit at the time we pushed “publish”. 


First on the resource list is this short piece on cold-related injuries. This comes total with grim pictures to discourage those from heading out with inappropriate defense.

  • Avoid the Polar Vortex: Cold Injuries.

The stating goes: “Hydrate or passaway.” So real. But staying hydrated in cold air can be a puzzle for some.

  • Staying Hydrated in the Oh So Cold.

For those of you eager on reading up on breathing problems and the cold, here’s an interview composed by Chelsea Little. The post listedbelow includes Michael Kennedy, PhD Associate Professor of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation at the University of Alberta.

  • Female Skiers Accumulate Airway Injury and Cough During Race Season.

If you’re enthusiastic, here’s a link to Dr. Kennedy’s 2017 researchstudy on cold air and professionalathletes:

  • Respiratory Function and Symptoms Post Cold Air Exercise in Female High and Low Ventilation Sport Athletes.

If you’re looking to log a rest day, and have currently composed the following into the keepsinmind area of your log, “Too Cold to Exercise”, the New York Times (NYT) released a piece back in 2008 that still resonates. And the title of the shortarticle might have you searching for those hand and toe warmers, face tape, and breathing heat exchanger. 

  • Too Cold to Exercise? Try Another Excuse.

Don’t leave the NYT so quick. Knowing much of the nation would be blanketed in freezing air today, they released a brief resource for combating cabin fever. 

  • Combat Cabin Fever.

Yes, we concur, it is downright cold out there. We’d state under a specific temperaturelevel, cold is merely cold, no matter what the thermometer checksout. Editors at Scientific American ran a piece theotherday entitled, “The Coldest Place on Earth”. They might disagree with the assertion that under a particular standard (its individual for each skier) cold is cold.

They appropriately end theotherday’s piece with this sentence: “So take heart if you’re experiencing a polar cold, it will get warmer onceagain, and it might be much evenworse.”

  • The Coldest Place on Earth

Stay warm out there. Cold-related injuries are no joke. 

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