Trends in CFO Recruitment: What You Need to Know for 2024

The job of the Financial Chief, or CFO, has really changed a lot in the last few years. It used to be all about numbers and reports, but now it’s much more. Today, CFOs are super important in deciding where a company is headed and making sure it does well. As we step into 2024, it’s really important for businesses to know what’s new in hiring CFOs so they can stay on top of the game.

Being a Strategic Leader with a Good Business Sense

A big change in hiring CFOs is that companies now want them to be great at making big decisions, not just handling money. They need to really understand the business world, know what’s happening, and be able to spot opportunities for growth and new ideas. Businesses are looking for CFOs who can talk about more than just money, like helping with new products, marketing, and making the company run smoother.

Knowing Your Tech Stuff

Knowing Your Tech Stuff

With all the tech changes happening, CFOs need to be really good with technology. With new finance tech popping up, how companies handle money is changing a lot. CFOs have to be on board with using new tools like data analysis, blockchain, and AI to make better predictions, manage risks, and make smart choices. So, when companies are looking for a new CFO, they really want someone who’s tech-savvy and can use new tools to help the business do better. If you need help catching up to the latest tech standards, feel free to take a look at the FD Capital blog.

Making Decisions Based on Data

There’s so much data out there now, and making decisions based on that data is key for CFOs. Being able to look at all that info and figure out what it means can really change how a company decides to move forward. That’s why businesses want CFOs who are really good with data, can work well with tech people, and make sure financial plans are based on solid facts.

Thinking About the Planet and Being Responsible

Thinking About the Planet

Nowadays, companies also care a lot about being green and responsible. CFOs have to understand how caring for the environment and being a good company citizen can affect the money side of things. They need to be ready to make the business more eco-friendly and report on it in a way that makes sense. This means companies are looking for CFOs who get how important this is and can handle things like green investments and reporting on how the company is doing in terms of its impact on the world.

Having a Global View and Following the Rules

With businesses going global, CFOs need to think big and understand different markets, currency issues, and international rules. As companies grow worldwide, they need CFOs who know their stuff when it comes to international finance and making sure everything’s above board. This is why having experience in different countries and knowing how to deal with various financial rules is really valued.

Working Well With Others and Communicating Clearly

Since the CFO’s job has changed so much, being able to work well with others and talk clearly about complex money stuff is super important. CFOs have to be tight with other top executives, boards, and department heads, so being good with people and explaining things in a simple way is a must. This is a big thing companies look for now in CFOs—being a team player and good at talking to everyone in the company.

Being Quick on Your Feet and Staying Strong


The business world moves fast, so CFOs need to be able to keep up, handle tough times, and lead through any crisis. This means companies want CFOs who are smart, can change direction quickly when needed, and keep things steady even when it’s chaotic out there. They’re looking for CFOs who are tough, creative in solving problems, and can keep pushing the company forward, no matter what.

Understanding People and Culture

In today’s world, CFOs need to be really good at understanding people and the company culture. It’s not just about numbers; it’s about getting how the team works and what makes the company special. CFOs have to be able to fit into the culture and help make it even better. This means they have to be good listeners, understand different perspectives, and help everyone feel like they’re part of the company’s success. Companies are on the lookout for CFOs who can really connect with the team and help build a place where everyone loves to work.

Innovative Thinking and Continuous Learning

Another key thing companies want in CFOs is the ability to come up with new ideas and keep learning. The business world is always changing, so CFOs have to be able to think outside the box and be open to new ways of doing things. They also need to be eager to learn new things, whether it’s a new tech tool, a new financial strategy, or just a better way to do their job. Businesses really value CFOs who are always looking to improve and are excited about bringing fresh ideas to the table.

Adapting to Remote and Hybrid Work Models

Remote and Hybrid Work Models

With more companies moving to remote or hybrid work, CFOs need to be able to manage teams that might not always be in the same place. This means being good at using online tools for meetings, making sure everyone’s on the same page, and keeping the team spirit alive, even if everyone’s not in the office. Companies are looking for CFOs who are comfortable with this new way of working and can make sure the finance team is effective, no matter where they are.

Closing Thoughts

The CFO’s job is really changing, with more focus on big-picture thinking, tech skills, caring for the environment, and knowing the global scene. As companies try to make sense of the complicated world we’re in, they’re looking for CFOs who are not just good with numbers but can also help with the overall strategy, lead tech changes, and face today’s challenges head-on. The hiring trends for CFOs in 2024 show that companies want financial leaders who are ready to take on these new roles and help guide their businesses to do well and grow in a responsible way.