Dainese AWA Tech RC coat







Overall Score


2-in-1 format provides flexibility and great usage of the tech

Pricey, picky and less than the amount of its numerous parts

Less is more. Unless you work in Dainese’s item advancement department. The AWA Tech RC coat consistsof more industry-standard, third-party products than it does acronyms; Gore Tex waterresistant membrane, Primaloft Cross Core artificial insulation and Polartec Alpha total the fabric setofthree and a Recco receiver is tossed in for excellent procedure. But is the kitchen-sink technique required for anybody?

RC stands for ‘Race Carve’ and Dainese claim ‘the name states it all.’ I plead to vary, which is why I’m writing this evaluation.

OK, we all understand Gore Tex keeps you dry and is extremely breathable. Primaloft is truly amazing, Polartec includes elastic and breathable aspects and the mix makes for a warm inner coat in this 2-in-1 offering. The difficulty is none of it provides the impression of being needed or purposeful. It feels like the outcome of a focus group rather than of listening to skiers’ real requirements.

Nevertheless, it works. Of course it does, it’s £719.50. The inner coat is kind of cool with an aspect of motorcyclist styling, no doubt instilled in Dainese’s heritage, and the knitted result on the arms offers a special appearance. It’s nearly a embarassment to cover the inner with the shell part in a fairly dull black-and-off-white – or as the marketing group haveactually seen fit to call it, Puritan Grey and Stretch Limo.

The fit is naturally of the sharp and lovely Italian range, and for the right resort-loving, difficult carver, this might be the ideal coat – with the 2-in-1 style including a truly beneficial adaptability which saves a ‘value’ point in our scoring.

But it loses 2 ‘overall’ points to the marketing patter. Which is a pity as it might be a excellent purchase for anybody charging the inbounds 100 days a year. Or as Dainese explain them “those who thinkabout snowboarding… a wider idea, closer to a approach of life.”