AI in Retail Market Top Key Players- IBM Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, Google LLC, Oracle Corporation, Daisy Intelligence, Conversica Inc., ViSenze Private Limited, AWS Inc., Salesforce Inc., Tall desk Inc., SAP SE, Intel Corporation

Retail is one of the most apparent examples of how artificial intelligence (AI) has the ability to radically disrupt an industry.


Retailers are using artificial intelligence (AI) and technology like learning algorithms (ML) to drive inventory decisions, the customer acquisition experience, and back-office tasks that affect profit margins and efficiency.


From improved virtual shop ideas to theft prevention in real-world settings, retail has fully embraced AI’s potential. Retail is a very competitive market, and AI can help businesses respond more quickly to customer needs and eliminate inefficiencies.


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In the retail industry, artificial intelligence is largely used to optimise the distribution network, personalise the shopping experience for customers, and micro-target rates. Machine intelligence, on the other hand, handles various difficulties in the retail industry.


Artificial intelligence in the retail sector has not only grown in popularity, but its market value has also skyrocketed. Furthermore, a variety of factors have influenced the extremely high growth, which has done brilliantly in the current conditions. Artificial Intelligence’s growth in the retail market has been fueled by two key factors.



The Global AI in Retail Market can be segmented into following categories for further analysis.

By Application

  • Advertising
  • Market Forecasting
  • Merchandising
  • Surveillance and Analytics


By Product Type

  • Solution Product
  • Services Product


By Technology Focus Type

  • Neural Networks
  • Deep Learning
  • Facial Recognition
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Voice Assistance


By Architecture Deployment Type

  • Premise Deployment
  • Cloud Deployment


By Regional Classification

  • Asia Pacific Region – APAC
  • Middle East and Gulf Region
  • Africa Region
  • North America Region
  • Europe Region
  • Latin America and Caribbean Region



Personalized recommendation engines have been a staple of internet shopping for years. There’s a legend in data mining circles that it once supplied baby things to a woman who discovered she was pregnant because of its sophisticated data mining and analytics capabilities.


While the majority of big data and AI use cases for online purchases are still held in centralised data centres, a growing number of use scenarios are seeing merchants embrace Edge computing and AI, both on the ground and in the cloud.



In the retail industry, product suggestion and planning will be an important field for artificial intelligence. The expanding use of AI-enabled products and services across various industrial domains and verticals will be fueled by the expansion of Big Data analytics.


In AI with Big Data, technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing, deep learning, and others are utilised to generate autonomous machine-driven decisions. In this region, many stores have deployed AI-based solutions to solve supply chain operations and inventory management.


AI is supporting merchants in client retention and analysis, as well as analysing consumer purchase trends. Both online and offline retailers are employing artificial intelligence (AI) to entice customers and raise total revenue.


  • IBM Corporation
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Google LLC
  • Oracle Corporation
  • Daisy Intelligence
  • Conversica Inc.
  • ViSenze Private Limited
  • AWS Inc.
  • Salesforce Inc.
  • Tall desk Inc.
  • SAP SE
  • Intel Corporation


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