Jöttnar Grim Jacket

Jöttnar is a brandname extremely much grounded in accepting the torment of winterseason, so we questioned whether a Grim coat may alleviate some of that suffering and even bring a smile to our dealswith.

The veryfirst noteworthy thing about the Grim is the fit. The coat has extremely roomy upper arms probably to enable for higher motion when climbingup and swinging ice axes above your head. The arms are cut somewhat longer too, maybe for the exactsame factor. This is plainly created as a ‘mountain coat’ as declared, and not simply marketed that method.

The sleeves still sit wisely rather than drooping, due to the stability of the material, and the additional area and length are most welcome when a down coat is layered below – there is no obvious distinction in flexibility of motion.

The little additional length at the back is most welcome too – it assists keep the coat tucked under a harness and offers additional overlap with the trousers whilst snowboarding.

Quality isplentiful in the little information; all the zips run efficiently, the joint taping is perfect and things like the drawcord endings being split (rather than ending in a loop which can catch while climbingup) influence self-confidence.

The surprise of the bundle is the proprietary Skjoldr membrane. On paper it has a 20k/20k waterproofing/breathability ranking however in practice it far exceeds likewise ranked exclusive materials, and with regard to breathability in specific, even carriesout muchbetter than the market leaders. Jöttnar’s early items carriedout wonderfully on breathability – which is so crucial to high-output mountain users – so its terrific to see that isn’t jeopardized with the switch to a proprietary membrane.

But there’s an intangible quality to the Grim coat in that you simply understand it hasactually been created by authentic mountain enthusiasts. Its not simply a ski coat, its not simply a climbingup shell. With the blowingup appeal of ski touring blurring the lines inbetween snowboarding and mountaineering, the Grim represents something with as much flexibility as the existing crop of mountain users.